Monday, October 31, 2011


aka Halloween before it got messed with.
Halloween on a Monday is just sort of odd and sad. We did Halloween things all weekend, really, so it's all right. The boys will get to go out Trick-or-Treating, and though I expect there will be fewer kids out this year we'll be giving out candy. Costumes this year are scrounged from mostly existing costume parts from years past, and I carved no new fancy pumpkins this year, though the old ones are still around.
We did at least get to carve real pumpkins this year, thanks to Karen and Greg and their excellent pumpkin carving party. The boys each carved their own for the first time, really, and they both got into it and had a good time doing it.
Riely, Greg and another friend whose name I cannot recall carving away.
Riley carved a long time all the way around the pumpkin.
Mine is on the left, Casey's classic is on the right
Riley carving away. I never got a decent picture of his finished one, alas.
 A lot of great pumpkins got carved up and the amount of creativity was fun to see. Between helping boys and hanging out, I carved my own basic pumpkin and called it good. So we'll have real Jack-O-Lanterns to put on the porch all lit up tonight along with the fancy carved ones from years past. Just have to clean off the porch and get it all set up before dark...
Happy Halloween.

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  1. You need a picture of your porch, so you can catch Riley's pumpkin too!
    They look terrific.