Thursday, July 28, 2011

Getting Ready
Prints spread out on Michealle's table
Have I mentioned lately how good it is to have friends who will help you out? I was trying to select and organize The Portfolio for the Illustrator's Showcase at SCBWI that's coming up very shortly, and whinging about how I was going to manage to pick and select and all that, and several of my buddies offered to help me. Really? Someone else would willingly go through the hell of putting together a portfolio for someone else? Well, gee, yes, thanks, that'd be so helpful, I mumbled. Or something, I'm not too sure that I was at all coherent in retrospect. So last Sunday we got together, had a lovely lunch that couldn't be beat and then laid out all the prints and started going through them and selecting and organizing and trying them in combinations in the book and all that. And we all survived and it looks great. Several combinations are really cool ones that I would never have thought of putting together but I love them. So my thanks go out to Michealle, Linda, Karen and Callista.
I'm in the midst of mad packing since we're leaving tomorrow for the trip down south. Clothes for everyone, sunscreen, all that stuff. Even got the car cleaned out and washed (good god, what will that do to the space/time continuum?!) and I still need to do a huge list of other stuff to get ready to be gone. Stressed out? A bit, yeah...

The boys and I still took some time out to go to the beach with some of my other pals. We cleaned up the beach and played and had another lunch that couldn't be beat and talked and drank a bit of wine and got plenty sunburned.
All of us with our collected bags of garbage. Casey took this one. :)
Rebekah tries out the underground fort the boys built 
See? Doesn't that beach look all clean and appealing?
 So, must run and take Riley off to his guitar lesson before dealing with all the other things I'm procrastinating about. Later!


  1. That's an amazing group of women you had helping you. The beach looks like fun too - when was that?

  2. Our Small Group Ministry went to the beach this Tuesday just past as part of our community service outreach. We had a good time. But then I joke that with this group we could have fun even if we were chained to a dumpster. :)