Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sex Ed from NPR.

See, that got your attention. I just had to repost this from Janelle, who got it from Minnesota NPR. It's brilliant and funny and oh so true.

I want to preface this just a bit. Debbie Ohi got me started on this blog- she persists in calling it a "Mommy Blog" and telling me that Mommy Blogs are a powerhouse in the world of blogs, with lots of clout. She kept telling me that since I was a mom, I could totally do a Mommy Blog and I'd have tons of material. And she was right about having tons of material,though I lack the time to talk about all of it. I admit that the term Mommy Blog just makes me cringe and that hasn't gotten better. I'm so much more than just a Mommy, I tell myself. But there is a point where I recognize that Mommy-ness really does fill up the majority of my life these days. There are a lot of tough things parents have to deal with, and humor really does help.

And this subject of sex and how it works is just part of being a mom or dad, so here it is. Enjoy.;)

And just so you all know, we had 'the talk' with the boys. We happened to be driving in the car (and it went much the same as Julia Sweeney's version, but Paul was in the car and so there was a whole lot more scientific anatomical discussion as per Paul's Scientific Approach to Tough Subjects in Parenting 101).  When the boys realized how things worked, there was a stunned silence of about 2 minutes in the back seat, and then a revolted chorus of "EEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!" from the back seat. I resolutely kept knitting.

I'm sure there will be more discussions to follow, some time in the future. I hope I can figure out what to say by then.


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  2. Omg, I can just picture that conversation...Im so glad they are *your* boys.