Friday, April 01, 2011

Creative Endeavors and Sketcharound

I've posted an entry over on Sketcharound about the fun and revealing process of making a Depth Collage.

Detail of the collage I made during the workshop.
I might mention that Sketcharound is a collaborative blog by Debbie Ohi and myself. It's new, like this blog (and it's all Debbie's doing, that persuasive woman). Sketcharound will be focusing on creativity; we both are interested in the creative process, living an ever-evolving creative life, and we hope the blog will reflect that.

We plan to post about what we're up to creatively, as well as eventually having guest posts by other creative people and we'll also talk about interesting creative things going on out in the world.

Debbie and I got together recently (no small feat when you consider that Debbie lives in Toronto, Canada and I live here in Fremont, California) and we talked (okay, I just talked in my usual quiet way, Debbie talked ANIMATEDLY with much hand waving) about what subjects the topic of creativity would include, since originally we had thought to make a blog about mainly art, illustration and writing, but after a few wild brainstorming sessions (if you've met Debbie you know what I mean) we egged each other on and decided that of course creativity includes all sorts of things, and we wanted to be able to talk freely about all sorts of fun stuff like writing, poetry, crafts and making things, music and songwriting, comics, cooking, just about anything.

So really, anything goes. Well, almost. We did decide Sketcharound would be a family friendly site that parents could feel happy about letting their kids read, if they wanted. So the Sketcharound site is a new baby, and we're curious to see where it goes and what develops. In all of our copious spare time, of course. I think of myself as too busy with the boys and all of their activities and all the various work projects I try to do and various volunteer things and life in general. Debbie has so much going on it's really more than mind-boggling. She's got more energy than a bag stuffed with squirrels.

So, any suggestions for things you'd like to talk about, what you do as a creative outlet, how you go about living a more satisfying creative life, all are welcome, either here or over there on Sketcharound. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Oooh, I just dated myself with Bueller, didn't I?

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