Monday, March 07, 2011

The inimitable Ms. Debbie Ohi is winging her way back to icy, snowy Toronto as I write this, after a week's visit out here to work on collaborative projects together. We followed it up with a weekend of wild filk music at Consonance.
Debbie on a walk around Lake Elizabeth, Fremont, CA.

I'll post pics from Consonance as I get moments here and there, but we had a great time. Many thanks as always to the con-com for all the work they put in every year so we can all have a great weekend long party and share music and jokes and see all of our friends!

I'll gradually be ramping this site up as my current blog; I need to test drive it a bit and figure out when to let out the clutch and when to stomp on the brakes rather than the gas. Any comments or suggestions about using Blogger would be appreciated!

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